"To Kwibuss has become a verb. Kwibuss enables us to keep quality management relevant & alive among our employees."

— Mirelle Obdam, manager quality assurance

Day care, education and healthcare, it's all about people. Quality management isn't hidden in paper or computers, but in daily habits and way of thinking of people. Kwibuss enables them to do their jobs better day by day, share knowledge and learn with each other to look after the children they care about.




Design principles

The people we always think about first when we start designing for Kwibuss are the people working with children every day, and at the same paying close attention to people in leadership.

This has lead to a layered product that offers the basics at your fingertips and pro features at a deeper level. With this kind of design Kwibuss appeals to both day care professionals as well as people in management roles within the same company.

Though offering a rich product, we pride ourselves for having the one with the least number features compared to our competition.


The library

Document providing information and instructions about mumps

Incident report presented as a timeline

Step by step incident reporting

Promotional website

In health care sectors in stead of being each others competition you're probably friends first. With this in mind we wanted to our users, mainly in leadership roles since they buy the product, to tell how Kwibuss has impacted their organisations.




We closely looked at the competition: how they present and tell about their products. We want to stand out between the gray suits! So in stead of showing endless lists with countless features our product website shows the most important advantages of Kwibuss, teasing just enough to let people pick up the phone. It tells a colourful story about the product, why you need it, how it works and how you can be trained to get the most out of Kwibuss.

Created with a two man team, where I did the Wordpress development and design.


Homepage staging our clients

How could Kwibuss impact your organisation?

Showing off little gems of features in Kwibuss

Offering different levels of training, from basic to becoming a pro

Other work

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